Poems from Chasing Shadows

#43    - link for audio

In longing 

We clutch for what we have destroyed


As a child looking for security

From the familiar

In an unfamiliar world

And in comfort

We recover

But do we grow

Or does the shelter we seek

Only delay

In shadow clothed

#386    - link for audio

Born in pain

A pain which bored straight through

Awakening what lied deep inside

Regret holds the door

That redemption tries to close

We make our choices

Of what we hold onto and what we let go

Can you see this pain

Can you understand this

Of why I do this

Of why I have made this choice

To stay here

I know it is not for you

As I know my words shall fail me

And it rips me apart and weighs down on me

I only wish that I have the strength

To see this through

To not let it go

As I know someday this will end

This pain and anger in me

That burn in me

I can no longer hide and turn away

I only wish that you can understand me

We make our choices of what we hold on to

And what we let go

Regret holds the door

That redemption tries to close

#408(Fear)    - link for audio

When this hope dies

And the fire burns itself to ashes

Blown away by the winds of time

Blowing away what was left of me

It's so dark here now

Without the fires to light me

It's so cold here now

Without the fires to warm me

These embers in me grow cold

Awaiting your love to blow through me

Awakening them from their slumber

And in my eyes 

Do you see the loneliness

Do you see the darkness there now

What powerlessness I hold over this

In time these wings will mend  

And again support me

In time 

The fires will ignite in me

Smoldering now

Let me rebuild from me

From these ashes of me

Let time blow away the dust from me

Let time give me the time 

To find the strength in me

Breaking myself down

So I can rise from these ruins

Let time's cold winds numb this pain

'Til these scars heal

I shall embrace this solitude in me

To find the strength within myself

To overcome myself

And find my way to you

#411(What Tomorrow May Bring)    - link for audio

Are we strong enough

Strong enough to see through ourselves

To truly see what lies inside

So we can read ourselves

And see what we truly want

What we truly need

To recognize what we deserve

And see what we create with our own hands

Despite ourselves

Despite our desires

Are we strong enough to remember

To remember what part we play 

In what we choose to change us

To shape us

Are we strong enough to follow what we set

To follow through to the end

To follow through to a beginning

To open ourselves

And give ourselves despite our fears

To see through our tears of joy

As well as sorrow

And see the light dawning from tomorrow

So we can unlock our hearts

And tear them apart

Then gather the pieces

To tear down the walls

To reach out from the shadows in ourselves

To begin a new start

Embracing what tomorrow may bring

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