Poems from Shattered Dreams in Light


With the fickleness of a child

You scramble for a new toy

Only to grow tired of it

And toss it aside

Then in heavy consternation

You survey your collection

Looking for a spark of recognition

Only to find none

In impetuosity

You exclaim indignity

And ridicule

And with the fickleness of a child

You scramble for a new toy


   How much is lost in truth to our search for concreteness in truth? Feeling loses much through translation into words, which are deficient in the description of a feeling that is transitory but that which it's reverberations can be felt through all time. After all, how can one truly convey, reduce to a moment of tangibility, what is intangible? When in the search for description one changes focus from the feeling to focus on an adequate explanation of "what" is felt. How much is lost in our need for a description or definition?


Molding and shaping

Building with our own hands

Creating that in us inspired

Do we in this our endeavor

Fall prey to our own design

The impurities we do not conceive

On what our minds conceal and deceive

In our excitement

We could not perceive

From our passions bubbling over

Headlong and headstrong

Only seeing the goal

Never noticing the approaching shoal

Molding and shaping

Upon what our mind has set

Have our souls burned hot enough

To burn away the contaminations 

Of which it may be beset


Do we see what we see

Do we believe what we believe

Or do we veil ourselves

To hide the truth

To hide from truth

Blinding ourselves so we can believe

Imposing our interpretations

Subjecting to our projections

Denying truth

From its unforgettability

To suit our entitled need

Disassociation from fact

So we can ourselves feed

Dodging our responsibility and the weight it bring

Redefining the rules

So no blame can lay

Through the reasoning play

How often do we fail to see

That we see what we want to see

Do we see what we see

Do we believe what we believe

So wrapped in ourselves 

Can we


Look beyond your fear

Look beyond what's holding you

What's holding you back

Keeping you stuck

What has control when you choose the back seat

Is it so you won't have to feel the responsibility

Because you gave up the wheel

You're not in control of which gear

Giving in to fear

Burying your regrets

Take back the wheel

Before the unhappiness builds

Builds an alter to your despair

And you feel you no longer can be repaired

Don't let your fears be a mirror

Reflecting back on you

Casting their influence

Coloring your view

Stop hiding within you

Look beyond the fear

Look beyond what's holding you

What's holding you back

Keeping you stuck

Open your eyes and look

Look and see how easy it is

To set yourself free


In fear where do you turn to


Do we lose site of ourselves

Breaking from the strain

The fear constraining

Becoming frozen from the fear muting

Unable to hear

Unable to see

So become as dumb from the numbing

Relegating in the trap

That this life we hold no control

Letting fear take hold 


What we have and what we hold

Or travel within

Using the fear as kindling

For the fires within


Igniting the desire of persevering

Braving the course we are ourselves steering

How high can we fly when our wings are clipped

Or to soar too high


When in the sun our wings are dipped

Lost in freedom's blissful kiss


These walls of mine

Built to protect me

Do they just cause me to fail to see

That I am the one holding me down

Blinding me

To the causes which lie in me

Confining like a prison

Afraid to let go of the memories

Sowing the fear and doubt

Afraid to let it show

Because then you will see

What I hold within me

Exposing the cracks in me

An island unto me so nothing touches me

Have I buried myself too deep

For even me to see

That I cannot reach me

My cries muffled by the distance

Becoming song

Singing of the pain with which my soul is wrung

Reverberating within these walls of mine

Built to protect me

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